and so it begins…again

I started planting seeds a few years ago. I’m still waiting for the big crop harvest that will be the payoff for a lot of hard work. I think I have one more season of planting before my crop will be sustainable. I’m talking, of course, about planting digital seeds and harvesting business growth. 
In 2014 I started school for Database Development. In 2016 I graduated. This was my first harvest. The harvest of the mind. I had expanded my knowledge. Around graduation, I began to consider what I would do with this knowledge. I thought, naturally, I would get a job as a database developer.
In 2016, I also began considering starting my own web development company. Web development is a natural cousin to database development; most websites are driven by the information stored in the database. So I began Executive Suite IT with the idea that I would create +WordPress websites and plugins. 
Executive Suite IT was the best name I could think of as I launched my own brand. It came from a joke I told my patients at a chiropractic clinic. As I brought them back to a treatment room I would say, “We have you set up here in the “executive suite” today. Our repeat clients soon caught on that every room was the “executive suite” and that I told the joke every time they visited.
To me, the joke meant that I would use the best tools I had to make my products and services fit my clients needs. I would ensure I gave the best treatment no matter who came to me or what help they needed. 
Despite having a humorous and deeper meaning, the brand Executive Suite IT didn’t really communicate what I had in mind.
Most people thought of a hotel suite when I was hoping they would think executive leather chair. 
My logo captured the chair and the briefcase gave the impression of an executive running a business, but I could never quite communicate that my clients would be the executive and would get a high caliber website and marketing tools to help grow their businesses. There was simply too much confusion with the brand. 
So, after two years of struggling with the marketing message, I finally settled my doubts and decided to rebrand with a clear message and marketing plan.

Introducing Digital Seeds Marketing

Digital Seeds Marketing is a brand I’m excited about and I’m confident about the new direction; which will influence everything from the services I offer to the marketing messages I communicate.

My Own Marketing Plan

The overall marketing message is that there are various digital harvests someone can pursue. In order to realize that harvest, it takes dedicated planting, watering, weeding. 
For instance, email marketing is one of the most effective avenues for communicating, educating, and nurturing potential customers, but it takes a concentrated effort to grow the email list. In order to harvest profits from the email list specific ac. Digital seeds must be planted of the variety “email marketing”.
The logo combines the 0’s and 1’s for the Digital with an organic flowing look for the word Seeds. I am also experimenting with making the EE’s in seeds look similar to a seed. It will also include the word marketing to keep my brand consistent across all assets.
The website hero image will be a scene with a waterfall cascading down the middle of the screen. On either side will be several small trees. The image will be an artistic sketch in black and white. Using parallax techniques color will slide into place as the user scrolls down the page. As the user scrolls down the page the seeds will begin to grow into crops and various educational callouts or CTA’s will be revealed.


One problem with being computer savvy is that everyone assumes you are an expert in fixing their computer. It is true that most computer savvy people can figure out how to fix computer problems; it is not true that we know how to fix them without researching the problem first. We just know how to use google. 
While I can do almost anything when it comes to computers and marketing, I have several strong areas of expertise. I specialize in WordPress development, content marketing, email marketing, and website personalization. To start with I will be focusing on these services exclusively. Digital Seeds Marketing’s primary focus is building solid conversion websites and creating high-quality content to draw readers.
I am giving myself two months to build out the website and start posting weekly blogs (content marketing). This blog is the first digital seed I am planting for this upcoming season. I plan to plant many more and I expect a good harvest this year.